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Important Notes and Waiver

Please review the dress code, attendance, and other policies of Zainabia Nonprofit Inc.  In particular, please note the following:

Parents and family members, who enter the Zainabia premises to drop off or pick up their children, or to participate in Zainabia events, are also required to adhere to the Zainabia dress code.

Regular attendance and punctuality are required.  The assembly preceding classes and prayer following classes are both part of the weekly school session and barring exceptional cases, students must attend this entire school session.

As parent/guardian of the student acknowledging these terms and conditions, I hereby release and waive any claim against Zainabia Sunday School, Zainabia School officers, directors, agents, employees, and volunteers for any damage or injury suffered by the students on account of or in connection with the student’s participation in school related activities.  This Waiver and Release of Liability shall operate as a complete waiver and release for any personal injury, missing person, death, and waiver of property or other damage or loss, including loss of use, which may arise in connection with the student’s participation in the school related activity.  I acknowledge that I am aware of the risks associated with the school related activities, whether the risks are by reason of preparation exposing the students to risks, which may or may not be generally associated with the school related activities.

I also agree to adhere to the dress code policy and other general policies of Zainabia Sunday School.

Liability and Responsibility:

My acceptance of these terms, conditons and agreement authorizes Zainabia Sunday School in the case of an emergency to provide medical treatment by the local on call doctor for Zainabia Sunday School.  I also acknowledge and agree that Zainabia Nonprofit Inc. and Zainabia Sunday School faculty cannot be held responsible in any way, nor assume any liability whatsoever, for acts of any delays, changes, modifications, negligence, non-performance due to the breakdown of machinery and equipment OR due to disturbance, strike, riots, or wars wherever declared or not OR due to any other cause which is beyond the control of the said parties.